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Pricing at Revive

How Much Will My Hair Restoration Procedure Cost?

ARTAS® Robotic System technology has advanced over the years, making it more affordable and more accessible for more people.

ARTAS® Cost for Robotic Hair Restoration

At Revive we make it as simple as possible:

There are no surprise fees, no extra charges at the end, no charge if we get “extra” and refund you if we come up short. The hair implants cost is always the same when you undergo the ARTAS® procedure. You'll also notice a clear difference immediately following the hair replacement treatment, without any repeat visits that cost more money.

Why are Hair Transplants Often So Expensive?

While they don't always need to be, many hair transplant procedures are costly for certain types of patients. There are multiple factors that can influence the final price of a hair transplant, but you can get a full idea of the final cost before deciding to go through with the hair replacement procedure, if the company offers transparency beforehand.

The exact ARTAS® hair transplant cost will depend on a few factors, including your degree of hair loss, your hair’s characteristics, your donor hair, and your desired outcome. With these aspects in mind, you can figure out exactly how much you will need to spend on a hair transplant procedure. We'll make sure you stay within your available budget for every procedure, with a clear picture of the transplant costs prior to getting started. You can remain comfortable in knowing that your hair replacement cost is fully transparent throughout. We'll never scare you with surprise fees or other hidden charges that you might find with other transplant surgery companies.

We want to make sure our patients never spend any more than they need to on any of the hair replacement procedures that we offer. Here is some additional information about the cost of ARTAS® robotic hair transplants, along with other procedures like the follicular unit extraction depending on which areas require treatment.

Beard/Eyebrow Restoration- procedures start at $4000. We can fill in the patches or restore the entire area.

Corrective Hair Restoration- is done on a case by case basis.

PRP- $1500 for initial full head treatment and $1000 for every subsequent treatment or when combined with a ARTAS® Robotic hair transplant surgery procedure. Yearly packages of quarterly injections are available at discounted prices.

Compared to other types of surgical hair transplants, like follicular unit FUE techniques, ARTAS® robotic hair transplant procedures don't cost as much. At the same time, this procedure's innovative hair restoration process can help give you the look you want. Our hair transplant surgery cost will always remain consistent to avoid potential complications on your end, while remaining the best value for the results you get with us.

Reliable Robotic Hair Restoration Procedures

At Revive, we want to put Robotic Hair Restoration within your reach--every person deserves the opportunity to look and feel their best. To help make Robotic Hair Restoration more easily affordable, we offer payment plans as well as credit programs. We can make it easier than ever to save money on hair restoration without the issues that can arise with other types of procedures.

Get the Best Cost for ARTAS® Hair Transplants

You also don't need to spend more than you need to on our robotic hair restoration treatments. You'll be able to get some of the best hair restoration available without spending too much on procedures, with the ability to get the best results. The costs of our hair replacement procedures keeps effective hair treatment affordable for nearly any hair loss patient. Our clients can get the best results without overspending on treatments, which can help ensure you never need to worry about our hair replacement procedures being too expensive unexpectedly.

With our treatments, you'll be able to see the final transplant costs of ARTAS® robotic hair transplants before undergoing the procedure, without any hidden fees at any time. We remain completely transparent regarding ARTAS® cost from start to finish.

To find out more about our pricing options or to schedule your consultation, contact us any time. We're ready to give you some of the best treatment available anywhere to give your scalp the healthy, natural look you want. Regardless of the treatment you want, we work hard to give you the best possible results with affordable ARTAS® treatments and more.