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Learn More About ARTAS, the Best Hair Loss Transplant Procedure

If you’re one of the millions of men who experience some degree of hair loss, you’re, of course, not alone.

It can be embarrassing looking in the mirror and feeling like you don’t recognize your own reflection, while wondering at the same time how you can change it without having to undergo invasive surgery.

Bring Your Hair Back with Male Hair Restoration in Oklahoma

Many men feel like taking the steps to bring their hair back is a little too vain— something that only women do, even—but the truth is that more and more men everywhere are turning to different procedures to being back their hair.

Not only does our Oklahoma hair restoration for guys restore their youthful appearance, but it can have effects on their entire lives—from their confidence level at the workplace or their success in dating, hair restoration has the potential to truly change a person’s life.

Revive Robotic Hair Solutions

So You’ve Decided to Undergo a Hair Restoration Procedure in Oklahoma—Now What?

If you’re inching toward deciding to undergo hair restoration, or you’ve already decided it’s time to do it, you’ll have to decide what the best hair loss procedure is for your needs.

There are a few different methods for changing the course of hair loss that are currently available.

The first options that many people try are over-the-counter and other non-surgical hair loss treatments like Rogaine.

Let’s learn about what the various hair loss treatments in Oklahoma are, and then you can make your decision about what the best hair loss procedure is for you.


Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Treatments like minoxidil, which is a topical treatment commonly known as Rogaine, are used in the form of a liquid or foam that can slow or stop the progression of hair loss. It does so by increasing blood circulation to the area, and it is recommended to apply this product to the scalp twice a day for maximum effectiveness.

While minoxidil may slow or stop the progression, it unfortunately does not trigger regrowth or reversal of hair loss, so the net result often isn’t enough for what most men want.

Additionally, once a user stops applying it daily, the hair loss can continue just as it was prior to treatment.

More Non-Surgical Men's Oklahoma Hair Restoration Options

Another non-surgical option is Propecia, a prescription drug. Finasteride, as it’s known in the medical world, is an FDA- approved hair loss medication that works by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which slows or stops hair loss, and can possibly even reverse the process.

It has to be taken daily, and like minoxidil, it’s often not as effective to be a permanent solution for men who are losing their hair.

Finally, some people try PRP, or plasma rich platelets, to combat hair loss. PRP is a component of the blood that plays a key role in soft tissue healing for wounds, and in this process, it is injected into the scalp over the area of hair loss.

This is usually done after a hair restoration procedure, as it has been shown to help stimulate hair follicles and increase circulation to them while decreasing inflammation. This method is typically used in conjuction with a more elaborate hair restoration procedure like strip surgery or laser hair restoration, though, so it’s not a standalone solution.

If you’re looking for a more permanent option with better results, surgical options and laser hair restoration processes are the other options you have.

Strip Surgery

The most commonly known surgical solution for male hair loss is hair transplant surgery, usually referred to as strip surgery. For many years, this was considered the standard that most men would go by when it came to hair restoration procedures.

It is also referred to as hair transplantation and works by moving hair follicles from an area (usually on the back of the scalp), known as a donor site, to a recipient site—typically, the top of the head.

The recovery period for this is about two weeks, and leaves a visible scar, so although it can be a good option to consider, it’s not really the best, especially now that there are less invasive methods for hair restoration.

Robotic Hair Restoration Procedure

Developed in 2002, the latest method for restoring hair is that ARTAS system, a robotic surgical hair transplantation system. It’s used for male pattern baldness, and takes hair from a donor area—an area of permanent hair on the back of the head— which has been trimmed to make the follicles easy to identify and extract. This procedure is a great hair restoration treatment for guys.

ARTAS System

The scalp is anesthetized, and through image processing software and algorithms, the ARTAS system identifies the best hair follicles to extract, then uses very small dermal punches to move follicles from one area to another.


It’s noted as being the best hair loss procedure because there’s no chance for human error or fatigue (as it’s done by a robot), it avoids existing hairs when placing follicles into recipient sites—this avoids unnecessary placements, and is less painful with a faster recovery time than other methods like strip surgery.

With robotic hair restoration procedures, the first placement is as accurate as the last one—the robotic system ensures the most efficient and natural looking placement, so that you look your best.

The entire process is relatively painless, and takes approximately five to seven hours to perform. It allows physicians to complete the hair restoration process very quickly—up to 50 percent faster than if the procedure was done manually, with more precision as well.

Patients receiving ARTAS can typically return to normal activities in a day or two, compared to weeks or even months with strip harvesting procedures. For this reason, it’s often thought of as the best hair loss procedure for people who lead busy lives, which is…well, just about everyone.

ARTAS Hair Restoration Cost

As far as the hair transplant cost of robotic hair restoration, it’s dependent on the level of hair loss that the patient has, but patients can expect to pay somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000 for the procedure.

If that sounds like a lot, don’t worry—while it is a more expensive option, it has a lot of benefits over other options, which, as you may know already, aren’t inexpensive either. You'll be able to see the benefits of our men's hair restoration in Oklahoma soon after you undergo the procedure, with minimal downtime.

For example, unlike topical treatments that only work if used every day, the ARTAS robotic hair restoration procedure provides permanent results.

That means that once you’ve undergone the procedure, there’s no follow-up or repeat visits. Compare the one-time cost of this to the years and years of using topical products (without even seeing great results!) and the cost makes a lot of sense.

Natural Looking Hair

Further than that, though, the process is natural looking. It offers gradual results— the hair needs time to grow in, so it won’t be immediately noticeable to you (or anyone else), but that’s a good thing!

That just means that you won’t leave work on Friday with a receding hairline and come back on Monday looking like you were fitted for a hairpiece. The gradual growth allows for a natural look that won’t confuse anyone or make you endure awkward conversations with friends and colleagues.

In order to be a good candidate for ARTAS hair restoration, currently, men have to have straight hair that is relatively dark. Men with lighter colored hair, or men who have limited hair in the donor area may not be good candidates. People with the former hair type will be able to see the best benefits from our male hair restoration treatment.

If you’re considering this robotic hair restoration procedure in Oklahoma, be sure to discuss it with a doctor who provides it, even if you think you might not be a good candidate. They will be able to tell you for sure whether or not ARTAS is right for you.

Choosing the Best Oklahoma Hair Restoration Procedure for Guys

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and not seeing the full head of hair you used to, it’s time to do something about it.

Life is too short to worry about male pattern baldness, and it’s too short to feel like you’re missing out on things because of the way your hair looks.

While undergoing the robotic hair restoration procedure won’t guarantee you a promotion at work or a hot date for the weekend, it can lead to you having renewed confidence, which in turn can help you achieve bigger and better things!

Of course, hair restoration isn’t a magic bullet. It’s a gradual change, so things won’t happen overnight, but when it comes to getting a natural looking, full hairline back, the ARTAS robotic hair restoration procedure is the best hair loss procedure available for men right now, especially in Oklahoma.

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